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Bali real estate offers an exceptional investment opportunity, combining natural beauty with robust market growth. Bali’s real estate market stands out for its affordability compared to other tropical destinations, making it an attractive option for savvy investors. 

Investing in Bali real estate means tapping into a vibrant, dynamic market with the potential for substantial financial rewards and the unmatched beauty of the island lifestyle.

Bali Villa Realty is also a Licenced Real Estate Agency located in Bali Indonesia with a vision of becoming the most trusted real estate company on the island. Bali Villa Realty has been successfully operating as a reputable real estate agency intending to help expats invest safely in Bali. 

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Our team consists of experienced real estate professionals who call Bali home. We understand the local market intricacies and are well-versed in the legal aspects of leasehold and freehold property ownership in Bali. This expertise ensures that our clients are well-informed, every step of the way. Our team also holds a large villa and land listing catalog, which is prepared with timely due diligence and updated every month. This provides our clients with numerous opportunities and ensures that every corner of the real estate market on the island is discoverable.



Vast Portfolio

At Bali Villa Realty, we pride ourselves on curating an impressive collection of villas that cater to a diverse range of preferences. Whether you seek a tranquil retreat, a bustling hub, or a combination of both, our portfolio offers something for everyone. Our listings are carefully checked, ensuring each villa meets the highest standards of quality, design, and location.

Personalized Service

We believe that the journey to villa ownership should be as enjoyable as the destination itself. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing you with a personalized and stress-free experience. We listen to your desires and tailor our services to match your unique needs, offering guidance and support from the initial inquiry to the moment you step into your new home.




Transparency and Trust

At Bali Villa Realty, transparency and trust are at the core of our values. We are committed to providing our clients with all the information they need to make informed decisions. Our open and honest approach ensures that you can trust us with your real estate aspirations.

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Find out your luxurious villa in the best locations in Bali. You can find a Bali villa with beach or rice field views, whichever you like. The best locations for your property that hand you gains over time.

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Our goal is to offer a real estate investment in Bali of the highest quality, profitable and hassle-free.

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