turnkey investment

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A-Z Investment Solutions

We select, build and manage... You earn and chill

We want to make your investment hassle-free therefore we are taking care of everything.

We create luxurious villas combining high return on investment, architectural design and high-quality materials.



Numbers Speak

Turnkey and seamless process within less than a year


We analyze and select the best land

We invest in areas up to our standards and that we know have strong upside potential.

We make sure our villas in Bali are well-optimized to deliver the highest ROI and value gain.




We design and build

We respect the highest standard of construction by conducting a proper study and building a solid foundation.

We ensure quality and integrity in all of our projects before delivering them to our clients.

Project Construction – We define a new standard of building in Bali by executing on the most difficult engineering and architectural design.

We conceptualize stylish and modern properties with innovative solutions and construction methods.

step 3

You add your personal touch to your future villa

Personalize your villa to make stand out from the market. You will be advised by our French interior designer.



step 4

We manage for you

We put in place an amazing team that will well take care of both your villa and your guests.

We market your property on major tourism platforms with social media campaigns and amazing photos.

We declare and pay your local tax to keep your rental business healthy.

We transfer your revenue to your bank account of choice.

Villa Layouts

Check our designs

Our validated models can be used lock stock and barrel but our layouts are also fully customizable for unique developments. In any case, our team is committed to offering options best suited for each individual project.

Your Return On Investment will be estimated online based on your available funding for this project and other basic criteria.


We offer pricing, simulation and financing solutions

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